Case Study: Valuation of a family owned business towards its fullest potential for growth through equity or debt financing

Advising and building a business plan incorporating longer-term financial modelling to support decision making on growth and direction of the business and associated financing requirements.

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Our clients,

Our client, who has various business interests and holdings, was seeking an analysis of the value of one of his business groups, which operates in seven countries. He wanted to know the feasibility of expanding those businesses to realise growth opportunities in certain markets.

Arch advised our client and assisted the decision-making process by developing a medium-term financial model of the group that identified and analysed its locations and products. We provided impact analysis on the main market forces and allowed feasibility assessment of various strategy options for an expansion of the business. This modelling was then used to show the value and potential value of the various business units and provides a base for building a rolling business plan for at least five years.

The business plan and financial models were used to forecast financing needs, and support the debt facilities financing applications or further investment by the client to meet those needs. This process brought a stronger understanding of the business by the client and his executive management, resulting in more timely and effective decision making.

This modelling by Arch also helped management improve internal processes across the business group’s seven countries.

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