Case Study: Assisting with assessing the feasibility of new project.

Advising and assisting in the undertaking of the various levels of a feasibility study of a new stand-alone project being planned in a developing market country.

Our client is a private business group with interests in numerous sectors internationally that has limited experience in mounting new construction projects in developing markets. They sought Arch’s advice through the various stages of project assessment and formalising arrangements to build and operate the project.

Arch assisted in the decision-making process to manage the risk of investing in such a project:

  • Selecting and instructing firms to finalise the desktop study that had already been started by the client
  • With the establishment of the viability and security of the project and compliance with its foreign investment regime, identifying exceptional costs for inclusion in further study
  • Commission of a preliminary feasibility study (PFS) to identify the critical pressures that would influence the project and modelling the project to test these critical pressures, establish high-level feasibility, and assess risks
  • Use the PFS to set parameters for a detailed feasibility study (DFS)
  • Following the DFS successful outcome, advised and assisted in formalising the agreement to construct the new project and to secure the financing


We also helped select the technical and corporate professional consultants retained for each step of the process.

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