Capitalize on gaps between public and private real estate values.


Arch Capital Markets (ACM) identifies gaps in value between real estate in publicly-traded entities and the private-market valuations of the assets that underpin the securities.

Publicly traded real estate pricing does not always reflect the value of the underlying assets. This happens for various reasons: macroeconomic factors; fund flows; poor capital allocation; lucrative asset management contracts. These factors are not typically present in the private real estate market and this fundamental pricing disconnect can present compelling value for investors.

ACM aims to provide real estate exposure that delivers:

  • Greater liquidity than private market investment vehicles
  • Consistent income
  • Capital preservation
  • Returns not correlated with traditional asset classes


MANDATE The fund is a portfolio of publicly traded real estate companies reflecting the portfolio manager’s highest-conviction positions, driven by a disciplined investment strategy.

FUNDS (i) Arch Anson Tactical Real Estate Fund which accepts subscriptions from Canadian resident investors; and (ii) Arch Anson Tactical Real Estate NR Fund, which accepts subscription from non-residents.

MANAGEMENT Portfolio manager: Michael Missaghie, registered advising representative of Anson Advisors Inc. (AAI), responsible for managing investments in the fund.

Investment Manager: AAI, an Ontario Securities Commission registered portfolio Manager and Exempt Market Dealer.

CURRENCY Canadian dollar (Canadian residents) and US dollar (non-residents)

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